New Parents -- Login to LREI Connect

Parents can login to Connect through the website by clicking on the LREI Connect button on the top right of the screen.

Username and default password

Usernames are first three letters of first name and first three letters of last name. So, for Elisabeth Irwin it would be:

The default password is:

You will be prompted with a message that your password has expired and that you should reset your password. Please do. 

You will also be greeted by a Welcome window. There are some useful links to get better acquainted with Connect. Alternatively, feel free to close that window

Editing your user profile information

Once logged in, on the top right of your screen you will see your name with a drop down arrow. Click on the arrow and go to the Profile section.

In your profile page, review all the information to make sure it is accurate. You can edit any field that has a Pencil icon.

In a section titled General Information, click on the Edit button underneath and fill in the information regarding caregivers (if someone other than yourself) and who else may pick up your child from school or afterschool.

In the section titled Emergency contacts, Click on the manage phones and manage emails buttons to move names from the Not in use list to the Active list. Emergency contacts are separated into Phone and Email. You must add a contact to each separately, even if it is the same person. To add a new emergency contact, select manage phones (or emails), and then Create a new phone number (or email). You may then populate the relevant fields and scroll to the bottom of the window, where you will find the Add Entry button. You can also sort the order in which you would like to have those folks contacted. 

Emergency Contacts added in Connect are considered an emergency contact for the parent or guardian, not the student. For the process on adding emergency contacts for the student see the section below (Connecting to Magnus Health)

Connecting to Magnus Health

Parents can connect to the Electronic Health portal, Magnus Health, to fill out various forms and other important health documents for your child.

You can access this portal only via LREI Connect.

Once logged in to LREI Connect, click on the
Resources tab on the top left of your screen.

Scroll down and click on the
Magnus Health icon. You will then be logged in automatically to your Magnus portal page.

Fill out the information per the instructions on the Magnus document (sent to parents).

To add emergency contacts, select Vital Health Record, and you will be see a category named Health Emergency Contacts. The parent or guardian of the child will automatically appear, and additional Emergency Contacts can be added via the Add Contact Button


If you run into any issues with your account and/or access, please contact the LREI Tech Team, via e-mail at

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